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based off this text postimage

this is lithuania’s burden to shoulder

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Today Google refers to the 1989 Baltic Human Chain. Nice of them… 

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Today, 25 years ago (23 August 1989), about two million people held hands to form a human chain over 600 km (370 mi) long in protest against illegal Soviet occupation, linking three capital cities – Tallinn in Estonia, Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania. This peaceful political demonstration is known as the Baltic Way or Baltic Chain (also Chain of Freedom). read more here

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Aph Russia headcanon: Ivan gets super ultra flustered if you flirtatiously call him “big boy” B)

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I’ve been laughing at this for about 10 minutes now.

Because it looks like Sweden and Finland have popped round to complain about a broken window or something and the Baltics look guilty as hell and Poland is getting ready to go ‘super-defensive mom’ on Sweden and Finland’s asses, sticking up for his kids.

Poland: Look, my kids might be a pagan with no dress sense, an underage alcoholic and a massive nerd who probably hacks into government websites but they’re good kids!

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Ahahaha, I needed to cheer myself up and that post always gets me going….

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24 Invaluable Skills to Learn For Free Online in 2014


1. Become awesome at Excel. (x)

2. Learn how to code. (x) (x)

3. Make a dynamic website. (x) (x) (x)

4. Learn to make a mobile game. (x) (x)

5. Start reading faster. (x)

6. Learn a language! (x)

7. Pickle your own vegetables. (x)